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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Six Insider YouTube Practices to Grow Your Business Faster

Learn several of the practices that empowered Lurn’s CEO and super affiliate Anik Singal to make over $350K with only 20 hours of work and one video on YouTube.

Anik presented his YouTube strategy in a webinar for Affiliate Classroom students last month. Though the step-by-step strategy that he taught is available only to our students, we were able to pluck out some of the great tips that he shared throughout the presentation and have broken them down for you here.

Use the following practices to produce videos that will grow your following and your sales:

1. Start today. Video marketing will soon be an absolute necessity for Internet marketers. If you open an account with YouTube today and upload any video at all, you’ll be worlds ahead of most other affiliate marketers, and you’ll have everything in place to instantly submit videos for future offers you promote.

2. Show your face. A key sales benefit for video marketing is the trust it builds in your customers. Viewers recognize that you are standing by your offers — and are more trustworthy — when they see your face and real name. When you show your face, you have removed the veil of Internet anonymity many scam artists hide behind.

3. Repurpose your articles. Take the posts and pages you have on your site and make them into videos. We use Jing for doing screen and voice captures. It’s simple, it’s free, and it can shoot quality motion screenshots with voice narration.

4. Produce dynamic videos. Make motion screenshots or motion video rather than PowerPoint slideshows, which are just a sequence of images with background audio.

5. Brand your videos. Ensure that your video will always promote your links. Feature the link within the video itself, so if the video is embedded or copied to other sites, you retain the publicity. One way you can do this is a practice called “watermarking,” in which you place a logo or URL or anything in the same spot on the screen throughout the video, such as the MTV logo you see in the bottom right corner of your screen when you watch that channel.

6. Cover all the angles. Get the wave of traffic that you want by submitting your video to YouTube plus Yahoo!, Revver, and Daily Motion. Your video will not only show up in searches within those video directories, but it also will rank prominently in general search engine results and will often be grabbed and carried by less prominent video directories.

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